Dear Travellers,

while travelling and visiting some 70 countries on all continents my attention was always drawn to the people, the landscapes or the architecture. These starting points have given me an interesting but still dense insight into the countries. I just want to mediate my point of view to the watchers of my multimedia shows, and to my readers of the travel magazines, for whom I was reporting and photographing. Showing real life.

So I have always tried to create an image of the country standing up to reality. I do not want to glamorize nor gloss over anything. That‘s why I never edit my photos using Photoshop or similar tools. For me reality is more important than images showing only an illusion. Looking at my pictures you can be assured that they are authentic and you can recognize the location. In order to arouse peoples curiosity I only post the region and not the exact location of the picture. Only by tracking down the exact location yourself you can get an inner feeling of the picture. Therefore, it also allows each seeker to create his or her own story. 

Or – you let me tell you my story while tracking the photos.

I wish you beautiful moments while looking at my photographs or while looking for your own stories.

In any case, always watch out – to the beauty of our planet.

All the best

Sandro RUSSO